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Ricardo Delgado

Marbella, Andalusia, SPAIN

Ricardo Delgado is the teacher and the founding resident of the TangoAr Dance Academy of Buenos Aires. He is a professional tango dancer, teacher, and choreographer, recognized for his unique pedagogical approach to teaching and his passion for sharing his love for tango.

Ricardo's formal tango education began in early childhood in Argentina. His father and his grandfather Manuel, a virtuoso violinist in a tango trio, immersed him in music. And later, he stadied from the great Tango Masters in Buenos Aires, among them the legendary “Chique,” Daniela Arcuri and Armando Orzuza, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, as well as Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores.

In 2003 he founded TangoAr Buenos Aires, a tango academy in San Telmo, in the heart of Buenos Aires. The academy also had a restaurant for 150 seats with a stage for Tango Shows. 
The cultural activities carried out in TangoAr earned it the appointment of the "Center of Cultural Interest" approved by the city of Buenos Aires legislature in 2007.

In 2010, Ricardo traveled to Europe and, after spending time in Italy, settled in London, where he inaugurated TangoAr, London Academy of Dance and Culture.

Between 2010 and 2015, he also toured with his workshops and tango shows throughout Europe, Buenos Aires, and Cuba.

As a professional choreographer and dancer, he has created, directed, and performed in various shows: "CUATRO ESTILOS AL 2 x 4,"(Buenos Aires, 2009); "DE GARDEL A PIAZZOLLA," (National Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013); "TANGO NIGHTS SHOW" (Hippodrome Casino Theater in Leicester Square, London, 2015), staged performance with TangoAr students in Her Majesty's Theater in London and held several events for Boris Jonson (former Mair of London) at the Mini Moulin Rouge Theater. 

Currently, Ricardo has opened the doors of his TangoAr Academia in Marbella, Spain. 

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Solange Galvao

Lisboa, Portugal

Solange Galvao currently lives in Lisbon where she teaches classes and hosts the Milonga La Gata. She travels regularly to dance, to make choreography, and to teach courses.

Solange began her professional training at the age 7 at the School of Dance Ginasiano, later in Contemporary Theatre Ballet Escola Profissional do Porto and the Higher School of Dance in Lisbon. She completed her training in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was one of those who introduced the Argentine tango in Lisbon and also a co-creator of the Milonga d ‘A Barraca, the oldest milonga in Portugal. She also was a director and choreographer of CTC – Tango Company Contemporâneo presenting a fusion show: tango mixed with contemporary dance.

Solange also choreographed a piece for the cast of actors from Teatro A Barraca with famous Portuguese actress Maria do Céu Guerra.

She danced at the show of the legend Portuguese artist Antonio Chainho and collaborated with other great names of the Portuguese tango cohort, including Fernando Alvim and Teresa Salgueiro.

Since 2007 she has been living in between Argentina and Spain working as a choreographer and a dancer.

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Alejandra Mantiñan

Buenos-Aires, Argentina

Aoniken Quiroga


Alehandra Mantiñan, “The living legend of Tango“, has been dancing and teaching for the last 30 years.

Based on her knowledge in human anatomy and dance she created the unique tango methodology, biomechanics, in order to help body to move and dissociate without the use of force. 

According to a recent survey of the most popular tango magazine, The Tangauta, Alejandra Mantiñán, is the woman of  “the miraculous feet,” and is the most nominated dancer among participants of World tango. She has danced in more than 20 professional tango shows around the world and has participated in the most important tango festivals. 

With Gustavo Russo, her former partner, she currently holds the YouTube tango record of more than 7 million hits. 

She has also been a partner of Gabriel Missé, Horacio Godoy, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer, Chicho Frúmboli, Martin Ojeda and others.

Aoniken Quiroga is one of the most prominent representatives of the new generation of Argentinean dancers. He is recognized as one of the best tango teachers at the international level and has been a guest of the biggest tango festivals around the world.

His classes are highly appreciated for the great technical knowledge of tango movement, but also for the sensitivity and attention to 'the emotional aspect of this dance’, which Aoniken manages to convey with passion, thanks to its great capacity for communication.

Since 2010 Aoniken has been a Director of Studies at the Tango de LasTangata School, where he teaches courses with Claudia Bread.

With Alejandra Mantiñan he teaches and performs around the world.

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Rebecca Nuñez

Madrid, Spain

Rebeca Nuñez was born in Madrid, and she started her classical ballet studies when she was ten years old. Influenced by her parents, who also danced tango, she received her first tango lessons at thirteen years old by maestros Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero. Later she was taught by some of the most reknown maestros in the world of tango, Gloria y Rodolfo Dinzel, Carlos Gavito, Gustavo Naveira, Chicho Frúmboli, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes and Alejandra Mantiñán, among others.

For two consecutive years, she won the first prize of Argentinian tango in the Madrid Community Championship and she also participated with her father in the International Tango Festival which took place in Granada (1994), the orchestra being directed by the bandoneonist Nestor Marconi.

She taught tango with her first partner Daniel Andrizzi in Madrid, and they also participated in various artistic events including the LatinoAmérican Festival in Rabat (Morocco) joining the tango master Rubén Juárez (1996).

Rebeccas worked with dancers such as Adrián Luppi, Gerardo el Indio, Jhon Arbeláez, John Freddy Galindo and Alejandra Heredia.

In 2008, Rebeca and Adrian Luppi danced at the “ International Tango Festival” in Wuppertal (Germany).

She was the choreographer in the play “Tango de Ausencia” directed by Carmen Dólera, and also in the show “Las Gemelas del Tango” with the dancer Alejandra Heredia. Nowadays she organizes a milonga in Madrid and the “Tango Adictos Festival”. She also teaches tango in various dance schools in her city.

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Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heredia are originally from Argentina, now based in Madrid.

Mariano and Alejandra´s Tango style stands out by creativeness, expressiveness, and power of dance. Their unique dance as a couple is based on a foundation of ballet, modern dance, and jazz. In addition to their very recognizable style, they bring that special something every time they come out on stage. You can be sure to be taken on a magical journey, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

They have produced and danced the shows “La Couture of the Heart” at the Festival Cambalache and “IT”. Their theatrical work combines strong choreography, drama, and humor.

Mariano & Alejandra teach and perform internationally at European festivals. They participated at the International Festival of Wuppertal, TangoMatrix Festival, Leipzig, Catania, Oldenburg, Aix en Provence, Monprimblanc, Rovinj, Innsbruck, Vilnius Tango Fiesta, International Istanbul Festival, Lisbon International Tango Festival, María de Buenos Aires in Denmark, TANGO NIGHTS SHOW in London, and many more…

Madrid, Spain

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Celeste Rey & Sebastian Nieva (Argentina) have been involved in tango for 15 years.

They have been teaching tango and working together as a professional dancing couple since they met in Buenos Aires many years ago. During these years Celeste and Sebastian have participated in many professional tango shows, include TANGO NIGHTS SHOW in London, festivals, and performances in Argentina and abroad.

"When we dance", - they say, - "we like to do it through tradition with a classic and modern style, painting/coloring with our personal style. In our classes, we want people to learn to love dance, to express themselves with their bodies, to recognize, and to incorporate concepts naturally. We do not teach steps, but we would like to donate tools to build their own personality in the Argentine Tango.

Florence, Italy

Anchor Celeste
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